It’s Getting Worse


Meanwhile, our president seems incapable of making the easiest decisions. He lets others handle the work. Not the dirty work, just the plain old important work of running a country. He would rather be president of China, as he has said, or play golf. The Democratic Senate hasn’t produced a budget in several years, and they voted against a recent one(not the latest) submitted by the President, 97-0. A debt-ceiling debate turned into a war. And it only got worse as the U.S. was demoted to Double-A-Plus credit status.

Why is there so much turmoil? Could the God of the universe be orchestrating events to bring our world to the conclusion he predicted long ago?

Meanwhile, the Chinese and Indian economies grow at a manic pace and some say they will become the same kind of economic superpowers as the European Union and the United States.

Illegal immigrants stream to the U.S., land of the “American Dream,” but no one seems to have any idea what to do about this. Send them home, or send them to work? Let them stay and let them vote, or make them second-class citizens? In the last couple of years, immigration from Mexico has actually decreased. Why? Because there are no jobs in the U.S. which was the reason they used to come in the first place.

Environmentalists achieve even greater influence saying “green is the way to go,” even though no evidence shows “green” can be done successfully or effectively, as evidenced by the recent bankruptcy of Solyndra, a solar panel manufacturer.


Republicans fight back with the “facts” about lowering taxes and cutting spending, leaving many peeople confused about what the truth is. In fact, so many leaders and theorists disagree today about “facts” and “truth” that many wonder if anyone can really know reality about anything.

Who’s on the level? Who’s lying? Conflicting stories are everywhere. Who do you trust? Anderson Cooper? Fox News? Rush Limbaugh? How do we know who’s really right, who is speaking absolute sober truth that we can base our decisions and actions on in this tense environment?

This blog is taken from this book which is now available on at:
The End of the World As We Know It (End Times Series)

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